About a research

The study was prepared by the analysts of the CENTER Agency for Strategic Development for the purpose of assessing the residential construction market potential to identify the demand and prospects for the development of an area in Kirovsky district of the city of Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan*, based on the presupposition of land development:
  • Urban development
  • Location features
  • Analysis of residential the real estate market in Kazan
  • Sociological study of experience of residential real estate purchase
  • Sociological study of real estate demand
  • Best practice

The financial and economic model of the land development is not accessible to the public, as it constitutes a commercial secret.

  • 1000
    representative phone survey
  • 71
    real estate projects
  • 11
    in-depth interview with buyers
  • 3
  • 1


Объект исследования на карте
  • 759,9 ha
    Overall area of plot
  • 20 min
    by car to the city center
  • 300 m
    to the Volga river

Social infrastructure facilities within walking distance:

  • 1 school
  • 3 preschool facilities
  • 5 grocery stores
  • 2 railway stations
  • the Volga river bank
  • Lebyazhye urban forest

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Global Trends

Diffusely integrated development

Amatciems, Latvia

Diffusely integrated development
  • preservation of the natural space and landscape layout (including forested areas);
  • barrier-free environment;
  • private cottage construction with the use of eco-friendly materials;
  • autonomy of the community's utility service;
  • creation of a green meditation area;
  • promotion of an active lifestyle.

The idea

Eco-district — a new type of urban environment

  • A country way of living in a comfortable urban environment
  • A brand new unique residential area in Kazan
  • Maximum integration with the surrounding natural environment
  • Co-living and co-working, development of a system of communal spaces
  • A harmonious community of residents in a safe and varied living environment

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